So it begins
Is a well-established design consultancy based in Edinburgh with clients all over the UK.

Having served time with leading Scottish consultancies, McIlroy Coates, Redpath and Whitespace, Director Damian Mullan set up his own practice in 2004 with the ethos of high level collaboration as its cornerstone. Working with creative partners of choice across the range of contemporary communications channels So it begins has delivered quality projects on time and on budget again and again. The client is seen as an integral part of this collaboration.


Why So?
Damian chose the name So it begins with a nod to fellow countryman Seamus Heaney who begins his brilliant translation of Beowulf: “So”. The Old English ‘Hwaet’ literally means ‘What’ and there have been many translations over the centuries but Heaney’s is the most colloquial and anecdotal start to this great story, like ‘So. A guy walked into a bar…”

To engage with their audiences companies need to tell their story as compellingly and as masterly as possible. That is So it begins’ highest aim; achieved by employing the appropriate masters of their craft. (Unfortunately Seamus Heaney is not on the roster.)

So what?
Beowulf might seem an esoteric starting point to you. But that’s creativity for you. It moves in mysterious ways. For the client, the end result is the thing. The proof, as always, is in the pudding so please see some examples of this approach.