Working with a charity is often as challenging as it is rewarding, in this instance our long standing collaborator Charlotte Halliday from Noble Ox Marketing asked for help producing a strategy report for her client Water Witness International.

WWI carries out research, takes action and acts as an advocate for better water resource management across the globe. They seek to work with governments, industry and NGO’s to drive change in how the world’s most precious resource is handled so that it delivers water security for all, regardless of wealth or location.

Having recently rebranded all involved were keen that the new identity would feature strongly across this vital strategic document, not only as a way to build brand recognition, but also as a means of working within the constraints of timescale and budget. By utilising the elements of the new brand identity, which we combined with existing imagery and key messages, we successfully created a striking and distinctive look that would be both informative and help them stand out from the crowd.

When Charlotte delivered the results to her client, Dr Nick, he described it as ‘jaw droppingly beautiful’ and even admitted to having a wee tear in his eye!

Rewarding challenge achieved.

Marketing Agency Noble Ox

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