Each year The Queen’s Hall, one of Edinburgh’s most esteemed music venues, needs to raise a significant sum above it’s ticket receipts in order to keep the lights on. As an independent charity they have suffered from funding cuts year on year.

It so happened that we had been talking with them about another project and often came away from meetings with these great behind the scenes stories. We suggested to them that these were just the thing that would connect with people and make them amenable to putting their hands further into their pockets so that this beloved hall can continue to host it’s diverse program.

With the simple heartfelt call of ‘Be a pal’ we combined humorous anecdotes with equally amusing illustrations into a colourful range of items (banners, booklets, ticket stubs) which patrons would encounter, and hopefully heed, at the venue and whenever they purchased tickets.

copywriter  Stuart Delves,  illustrator  Jill Calder

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