LANDED was born out of frustration. The best schemes often are. Back in 2012 a go-ahead recruitment company was hired by a go-ahead software development company to work on campaigns to recruit staff. All well and good. But, as always, there were time wasters along the way and no shows at interview.

Together they realised that there was a better way of going about this. They combined progressive recruitment thinking with the potential of new technology and created an amazingly sophisticated yet simple software solution. Again, all well and good. But what should they call this new offering and what would it look like?

This is where we got involved. During a fruitful planning season, somewhere on the Atlantic coast, a simple idea was born. We saw the similarities of the recruitment process with that of fishing: candidates being the fish, recruiters or HR teams being the fishermen and the successful new employee being the prize catch. The use of this new SAAS package would enable you to fish where the fish are: trawl, sieve and select (but avoiding all that messy business), and ultimately land the best of the catch. Thus LANDED was born and now here they are, ready to roll! Ready to fish on your behalf.

Where appropriate when developing a brand marque we seek to create a visual clue in support of our clients business. In this case we searched for something that would evoke the multiple meanings associated the word ‘landed’. We considered everything from ‘the Eagle has landed’ and ‘landed a right hook’ to ‘safely landed’ and of course ‘landed the catch’. Visually these phrases have something in common, it’s the similarity of the angle of that taught lined fishing rod, the well aimed punch or the plane on its final descent. We refer to this as the angle of attack and it’s the one we used on our ‘flying fish’ icon.

copywriter  Stuart Delves,  photographer  Deirdre Gregg

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