Edinburgh Larder is a hidden gem – which more and more people are discovering thanks to bright new signage. The owners contacted us to help articulate what they felt made them special, namely that they sell fantastic locally sourced fresh produce in their cafe and bistro. As champions of slow food rather than the fast variety they have an enviable reputation and have ambitions to grow their offering to enable them to share this with even more lucky people.

We created a brand which harks back to a forgotten time when people knew where the food on their plate came from and probably knew the farmer by name. We agreed a theme – A taste of the country in the heart of the city – from which the concept of transporting traditional farming iconography into the Edinburgh cityscape was born. Thereafter we worked with Edinburgh Larder on the application of the brand. Where possible we sought to emulate the hand crafted techniques of bygone days where the best things were worth waiting for.

copywriter  Stuart Delves,  illustrator  Iain Macintosh

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