London based publisher CYAN like to champion design related projects. One such project was the idea of John Simmons, a former director at Interbrand and a founder of the writing for business organisation 26. Great brand stories is a series that sets out to tell the inspiring stories of some of today’s top brands.

Collaborating closely with the writers and the publisher I worked on a number of books for this series – Scotch Whisky and Wizard! – Harry Potter’s Brand Magic for which I was responsible for both the cover and page layout.

Among several other titles produced for CYAN was 26 Malts Some Joy Ride, an offshoot of a larger project for 26. You can read more on that project here.

Scotch Whisky:  author  Stuart Delves,  illustrator  Kim McGillivray.
Wizard:  author  Stephen Brown,  illustrator   Iain McIntosh.
26 Malts:  authors  Stuart Delves,  Jamie Jauncey  and  Damian Mullan,  photography   Niall Hendrie

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